Win a year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud

This is a free event.

Just to let you know

Best of luck

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Nope, I’m not gonna bite.

It’s not a trick.

I know, it’s an official Adobe thing - still not gonna bite.

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There has to be some rules as to what you have to give up in order to claim it. Your name/likeness for their advertising purposes maybe? Nothing is free.

You need to submit a screen proving that you have attended the online conference. This is easy enough- after registering with your Adobe ID the sessions are available on Adobe’s website.

So free CC for a year. If you already subscribe, I presume that is taken off your payments automatically. If you don’t have a CC subscription, a year is long enough to decide whether you need one. Of course, any work you do during that year will be bricked if you don’t continue with a paid subscription but that should not be a problem.

Those are legitimate concerns.

Not bricked though - really. There is a monthly subscription - or if you’re not going to continue with it - take steps to salvage work to another format or another program.

I don’t think you need an Adobe subscription already to enter.

But if you already use it - then a free year is nice.

If you don’t - then a free year could be cumbersome towards the end moving files to different formats.

However, I believe Affinity opens IDML and PDFs for editing without many issues.

There are always sacrifices to be made when making a commitment.

Even if it’s just 6 months of subscription or a month. As long as its free am still in hahaha

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Good on you.

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