Winter Is Over! 💜

Soon the days will be getting longer and longer :slight_smile:

It will still be a while before all the snow is gone here. And we may even get another storm or two. But, it won’t stick around long as the temps will be on the rise as well.

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Our daytime highs in the extended forecast are all 50s and low 60s. Pretty excited to be wearing shorts.

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The past three or four days have been in the 50s here, which has mostly melted the 18 inches of snow we got at our house last week. Right now, it’s beautiful. The valley is snow-free, things are just beginning to green up a little and the mountain peaks that surround the city are still completely covered in deep white snow.

It’s the variety of weather we get here this time of year that I really like. I love the spring. It’s my favorite season.

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I saw a guy on a motorcycle just last weekend.
He sure looked mighty cold (it was only in the mid 30’s)

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I took a walk through the park at lunch yesterday. I didn’t even wear a jacket. The sun was shining, the grass was growing, the trees were just barely beginning to show some signs of green.Tulips and daffodils were in bloom.

This morning at our house, we woke up to a foot of wet, heavy snow. Branches were broken from the trees, the electricity was out and winter had reappeared out of nowhere.

Crazy spring weather. :snowflake: :hot_face: :cold_face: :tulip::grinning:

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Wow :frowning: I’m always hopeful we won’t get any more snow this time of year. But, I’ve lived through too many blizzards in April to feel we are out of the woods yet lol :smiley: … Although they are short lived :wink:

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