Wish I was a student

I’m not a graphic artist but am a teacher learning how to make my own clip art for school. I have NO training. I have been self learning using plain ol PowerPoint just experimenting and struggling as I go along. I hope to read, research, and learn as I read through your posts! Attached is where I started a couple months ago (I was sooooo proud! But pretty embarrassed now :joy:). And a recent example of my school clip art. I hope you can see my improvements :joy:. And would love to hear what you think. Thank You!
image image|577x795 image

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That’s a whole lot better than generic clip art. Nice one – especially for a non illustrator. Keep at it. That way kids may learn from an early age that there is more to design than overly-saturated colour, Comic Sans and bad clip-art.

Ummm … why are you embarrassed … those are both adorable! :smiley:

I think you are doing a wonderful job and they look a heck of a lot better than some “professional” clip art I’ve come across. :wink:

I’m assuming your Avatar is your work as well since it’s in the same style … and again … Adorable! :heart:

Thank You ! The first pic was my first attempt–that’s the embarrassing one now that I have had a bit to learn and practice.
Over the years I have used a lot of “others” clip art for my projects and though I used them as a model, I want to be sure My clip art is unique and different. I am trying to put in little details that may help me stand on my own…
Thank You Again!

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Whatever you are doing works! Keep it up :heart:

Nice work @KinderKiddles. My only complaint (if that is a complaint at all) is that the circle that is the head (for both illustrations) is too perfect when standing next to the rest of the art. I like them nonetheless.

I’v thought the same–too round for the heads. Thanks I may play with that a bit. What I am trying to do is to create enough characters and "part"s so that I can mix and match to make new characters. Kinda reminds of playing paper dolls hahaha
I still have questions, which forum would you suggest for me to post? I have been going through sections. As an amatuer/newbie, where would you suggest for me to post my images for help? Or does anyone now a specific “clip art” forum? Or is this called something else? Sorry! I am very Green!!!
Thanks for any help!!

“Traditional Illustration” is the closest section that comes to mind.

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