Word Clouding

How can i word cloud a paragraph by highlighting a certain sentence and keeping the words of the sentence together?

You could have the word cloud on one layer, and the sentence on another layer.

I am completely new to the word clouding concept. Can you be a bit more specific about the websites and tools that i need?

There are websites that automatically generate word clouds, but they don’t do an especially good job. The only way to do them right is by hand while making aesthetic judgments as you piece all the words together. The best tools for doing that are, first, your brain and, second, Adobe Illustrator. :grinning:

You’re right, most are way limited. I’ve only found one that offers much in the way of options, and I use it occasionally.

I’m thinking the OP could get the basic word cloud from one of these sites as an image, open it in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, then create the text sentence using the same/similar font, on a higher level.

Omersany002, are you a designer? Are you familiar with Adobe products?

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