Wordpress and paypal

Been using a wordpress for a client, free version with ads. Worked fine for them for several years. Now they would like to collect dues from their group via the website. No other purchases possible, just collecting yearly dues. It looks fairly easy to switch to a paid version, and add the paypal. Any big cautions or problems encountered with this that I should be aware of? I don’t really work with websites myself, mainly print for me. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

When you say you’re using the free version with ads, do you mean the client’s site is currently on wordpress.com hosting?

Are you wanting to simply collect dues via the website or will the content for the website be behind a paywall (e.g. you have to be a paid member to get access to the website)?

Yes it is on Wordpress.com
No they don’t need to members to view the website.
But would like to pay dues through PayPal on the existing website.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I believe you log in to your PayPal account and there is a wizard to walk you through creating a button for a fixed price item that will generate the code to paste into your site. I’d say there’s a better than average chance there’s a plugin that will do this for you as well. One thing to keep in mind, there are limits with wordpress.com that are not there if you have WordPress installed on your own host. I’m not going to be much help here since I don’t use wordpress.com. So you may run into issues there. Just something to be aware of.


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