WordPress or ASP Dot Net, which one is the best?

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I’ll build a website for my new business and have taken domain name and hosting from a hosting company. A developer has also consented to create the website. But WordPress or ASP Dot Net, which one will be the best for my website?

That’s an apples-to-oranges comparison. WordPress is a content management system (CMS). ASP.NET is a development environment. They’re completely different things.

No offense intended, but since you’re having a developer do this for you, why don’t you rely on his or her expertise instead of trying to make decisions on things you don’t know much about yourself?


Just a little more background information…

WordPress and other CMS apps, like Joomla, Grav, Magento, Drupal and others are template-based content management systems that run out of databases. Most hosting companies have them available, and it’s reasonably easy to find/buy themes or templates that you can install, add content to and have a website. If you want to modify that template to do other things, it gets harder.

Development environments, like ASP.NET, JSP or PHP are server-side languages/environments used to perform tasks on the server. WordPress, for example, is built around PHP, so using WordPress (or any CMS) removes or lessens the need to work directly with the server-side scripting languages since the CMS already does this.

However, if you need something designed and programed that exceed the capabilities of the various CMS products and the thousands of available plugins and components for them, someone has to write those server-side scripts themselves directly in the server-side languages, like ASP.NET, PHP, JSP or whatever.

All this is an oversimplification, but from a conceptual standpoint, maybe it’ll help clear things up a little for you.

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Thanks for the well explanation. Definitely it clears the doubts about CMS and development environment.

Really helpful…

It really depends on the website requirement. Wordpress is an amazing CMS platform whereas The Official Microsoft ASP dot net site is a web framework for building modern web apps and services.

Hey @Easton765 Building a website is not hard but security is important. WordPress is a CMS platform where most companies using WordPress due to they no need to depend at every on developer once they developed the website that’s it on next time they need to make simple changes in their website anyone can access easily. But WordPress is not more secure you have to install related plugins and while updating themes and plugins they causes some issues. Before updating the plugins and themes you need to take backup of your website it is only solutions when site has been crashed. WordPress Mainly used for blogs, portfolio, business profiles, e-commerce, e-learning platforms.

asp .net is somewhat secure compared to WordPress but at every time you need to depend on a developer.


I think Wordpress is good for simple sites, Drupal for more complex apps, and Ruby on Rails for we apps that provide custom functionality.

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