Wordpress or From Scratch Website?

I’m hoping to get some insight on my personal website. I currently have a 100% from scratch website. I created this a several years ago, after going back to school to up my skills in a job search and gain web design skills. It was a requirement for graduation. Long story short, I’m in the middle of a job search again and redoing my brand. I have the web skills, but I want my ultimate focus to be print design. This being said, is it appropriate for me to create my portfolio website using a purchased Wordpress theme, or since I have the skills, is it better to create a site from scratch again?

It’s appropriate to do what you think is best.
No client is going to be able to tell if it’s a Word Press theme or if you created it yourself.

Whatever works for you to showcase your portfolio.

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If you are shooting to get hired as a print designer, I don’t see any problem in using a WP theme. If you are selling yourself as a web designer at all, then I would say build it from scratch or use a framework as a base.

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I have never found a theme that I didn’t have to customize with additional css.
That is one thing.
Besides, you want to focus on print anyway and will primarily show related stuff. So programming skills don’t matter.

Just make sure that no “made with” hints are visible for the theme. That always looks cheap.