Wordpress Website Coming Soon Page

Hello All

I am new to WordPress and trying to create a Coming Soon Page until we have finished working on the Website.

I have made a design and uploaded it using Elemantor but I don’t see it live when I search for the website. Can anyone help regarding this?

I tried to use the Under Construction Plugin but I wasn’t able to customize it and the WP Maintenace Mode plugin but it didn’t show live either…

Thank you

When you say “I don’t see it live when I search for the website,” are you talking about a Google search?

Yes. I had activated the plugin but it didn’t work.

Can you code any HTML? Do you have FTP access to the server? If it were me, I’d just create a stand-alone static HTML page named index.html then place it in the http root (www) directory. WordPress sometimes makes easy things much more difficult than they should be.

I’m a little unsure of what you’re after.

If you’re saying that you put up a coming soon page and it doesn’t show up when you do a Google search, there could be a number of issues. First and foremost, it could be that Google hasn’t indexed your site, yet. Second, it could be that it did index your site and the site isn’t ranking well. For this items, you need to consider how long the site has been up and how good your SEO is. Side note, why do you want an under construction page to show up in a Google search if you have nothing to show?

Maybe you’re saying your site isn’t showing up when you Google atjgraphics — or whatever your business name and domain happen to be. I’d go back to how long has the site been up and has Google indexed it yet.

What I would suggest doing is put the site you’re working on in a subdomain and then having a simple under construction page.This could be a WP site or it could be a simple index.html doc like @Just-B suggested.

Lastly, I know there are under construction and maintenance mode plugins. I can’t really comment on them as I have no experience with those. They might be the solution you’re looking for without having to upload your site to a subdomain and then move it.

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