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I am having a lot of trouble about deciding which WordPress would be better to develop “client’s” websites. My site is in “wordpresscom”. It is in the business plan and I use Elementor Pro as one of the plugins. I have been developing sites to friends lately. We decided to use “wordpressorg” and host them with Bluehost. Wordpressorg is free and they pay the hosting. The reason I did that is wordpressorg accepts the use of plugins in free websites, therefore, Elementor Pro is allowed. In wordpresscom they would have to be in the business plan but would not have to pay to host as wordpresscom hosts the site themselves. I have read the differences between both in Google, but I am still confused if I should use one or the other.

My question is: which webpress do you use, and why?

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I always use wordpress.org and host the site with a third party host (such as bluehost as you mentioned).

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Thank you. My doubt was if the optimisation of .org would be equal to .com.

I would go with the self-hosted (.org) Wordpress. There are many more benefits to this version, which are detailed at the link below.

The only time I’d consider the Wordpress.com website is if the client will eventually be changing the layout themselves. The .com version makes it so that is nearly impossible to break the site, since everything is stored in the cloud.

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Thank you. Solution found, cheers.

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