Work Tracking

At what point do you say “No” to the company phone?
Does anyone here think this is ok?

Paywall :frowning: But, I know the gist of the article I’m sure. I’ve been ranting about this forever. Anyone who lets an employer track them 24/7 is out of their freakin’ mind.

And the more that allow it … the more mainstream it will become. People are such sheep at times :confused:


I have no access to the Wall Street Journal either, but I can guess what the article is about. Just a couple of weeks ago, my employer sent a note to everyone reminding those of us with company smart phones that they had the right to retrieve any and all data related to our phone use at any time they wanted and for any reason they wanted.

I sort of dismissed the note as just a bunch of legal contract stuff since the company isn’t quite evil enough and doesn’t have any particular reason to keep that careful of tabs on us.

Now that I think about it, though, if there were ever some issue that put one’s job at risk, accessing location tracking records, text messages, times arriving and leaving work, time spent away from the office at lunch, etc., could be ammunition used to legally justify termination. This is still one more reason, I suppose, to keep location tracking turned off and not do, say, write, download or visit anything on the company smartphone that might be used as ammunition.

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Your probably right about the company: that it is just covering their butt (legal notice of conditions of use [of your cellphone] is [probably] required for insurance purposes).

But what bothers me about this is, no one has any reason to hack my phone. There is no pot of gold. But hackers have every reason to hack business servers. If all your info is stashed there somewhere…

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Wow, sorry about the paywall. It was on that darned newsfeed thing I got yesterday so thought it was available to all.

Yep, my company phone is the company’s phone. That’s why I do not have any of my personal email or banking tied to it. They told us they can and will read any email on it if they want to. I have tracking turned off, but theoretically, that phone knows where it is at all times based on tower triangulation. It’s never lost. Even though it isn’t supposed to know my location, it can guess pretty darn well sometimes.

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Even the magnetic strip on your credit card is trackable. It’s just a matter of how much time and money one is willing to spend to do it. Cost / benefit ratio.

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Actually the RFID chip is even less secure than the mag strip.

In 2012, the sun missed Earth with a coronal mass ejection of the same magnitude of the 1859 Carrington Event by only 9 days. That would put a bit of a dent on all this reliance on technology…

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If anyone doesn’t know what The Carrington Event was …

It’s a great article on it :slight_smile:

… and some end up VPs of the company. On principle I’m skeptical, but, hey, two can play the game.