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I have a question. A client wants me to do some edits to one of his printed pieces, however he doesn’t have the original working file, just a photo screen shot. Whats the best way to go about this? Is it a bad idea to try to image trace the entire document, or should I just start from scratch and try to match all the text, shapes, etc. It is kind of basic so it wouldn’t take too long, but if there’s a faster way please let me know.


Yes, it’s a bad idea unless neither you nor your client are concerned about quality.

Given that you say it’s basic and wouldn’t take too long, yes, rebuild it.

Of course, I haven’t seen what you’re referring to, so my answers are based only on what you wrote.

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I fully agree with @Just-B. Building it yourself will be a lot faster most of the times and when done with vectorgraphics makes it a lot easer to change things afterwards. I would always do that

Thanks, yeah I ended up just rebuilding it. I’m sure the client will want further changes, and this makes it easier for the future.


Good choice. It’s always best to be honest with your client, as they likely don’t understand as to why a screen shot isn’t a workable document. Let them know you had to recreate it for higher resolution and for it to be editable, so they won’t question your billing.

Yes, this is what I would have done too.

Mostly the case. Good choice!

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