Working live on youtube

Hi, im running a little boring test in here.


I always wondered how amazing would be to make a sneak peak on other designer’s way of work.
To see how they approavh their solutions.

Then i came with this silly idea to simply stream live what im working with right now.

So if you wanna take a look, be my guest.

I warn you, im doing cutouts and it is going to be SUPER BORING TO SEE!

Oh, and if you happen to come, please say hi!

aaaaaaand it’g gone :smiley:

Aand it’s on again…

Experiment done.
Got one visitor.
100% more than i expected.

Great succes!

Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

I probably would have clicked over had I seen this in time. It’s a lazy Sunday here. :slight_smile:

Maybe i will repeat it. But i noted it may be super boring to see, as there are many moments where there is no click action on the screen, because i’m wondering how to do stuff for example…

I didn’t promise I would hang out long :smiley: I have the attention span of … oooh something shiny!


But I would be willing to check it out if I happen to catch you live :slight_smile:

Thank you!
If i come up with an interesting format i will warn again.

I’m thinking about prerecording bits of work where i do stuff that could be interesting for other to see, and upload them.

I don’t know, i’m behind that idea about sharing raw knowledge to help grow, but didn’t figure out how to… (yet)

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