Working on a plugin. Feedback is appreciated!

Hi everyone,

My name is Adrian and I’m not a graphics designer. I’m a programmer who like geometry and vector graphics.

I think the area of graphics design tools could use more love so a few months ago I started working on a plugin for Illustrator and Sketch. Right now I’m blocked because I’m not sure my efforts are going in the right direction and could use some feedback. There are three main directions that this could evolve in, depending on how useful it could be.

This is still pretty much a work in progress and any feedback is appreciated!

External link to full size images.

  1. Generative growth

Quickly make organic patterns starting from your drawings by using generative growth.


  1. Start from a base drawing – in the examples we start from a line or a circle.
  2. Apply growth steps until you are happy with the outcome. The result is an editable vector drawing.

  1. Template drawings

Gain productivity superpowers when building scenes with repetitive elements by using template drawings.
Turn your vector drawings into templates that you can use to instantly generate similar drawings.


  1. Start with a drawing
  2. Choose what you want to parametrize (position, color components, size, rotation, control point placement, etc.) and what relationships the parameters follow.
  3. Instantly generate new random drawings that follow your template and build whole scenes with little effort. These are editable vectors.

  1. Vector field distortions

Add distortions to your vector drawing toolkit in a powerful way with vector fields.


  1. Start by defining a vector field by using the presets or drawing with your mouse / tablet.
  2. You can stack multiple vector fields to create a more complex distortion pattern.
  3. Send your drawings through the field and get distorted vector drawings out. These are still editable vectors.

I think these kinds of capabilities could be useful, especially if many different parameters could be controlled by the end user to better direct and customize the end results.

Thanks for the answer!
Indeed my goal is to make something parametrized and easy to use.
Which of the three directions do you think would be more useful?

Generative growth – I would not buy this.

Template Drawings – This one is interesting in that it appears to allow you to generate a random sort of pattern from a core vector file. This could be useful for generating patters of leaves (as depicted), rain drops, snow flakes, etc.

Vector field distortions – I would not buy this.

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OP here, please let me know here if you are interested in being notified when a first version is out.

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