Working with Grids

How does a graphic designer know what type of grid they need when they start a project?

What kind of project? A novel? A magazine? A poster? Annual report? Stationery?

I’ll be running out or space.

For me, it is the amount of content that dictates the grid, but like Eriskay mentioned it also depends on the type of project. I don’t believe there are any rules on when and how to use a grid. It’s more of a helpful tool when needed.

Wing it.

Make it look good.

Its a 8.5 x 11 non-fiction instruction book with text and images

Ok that makes sense. Thank you!

As @BenBerryBiscuit and @Eriskay said, it depends.

A magazine needs a set of grids to enable consistency from one page to the next and from issue to issue.

A highway billboard might be at the other end of the spectrum, where a complex grid probably isn’t unnecessary. Even so, dividing the space logically and mathematically, then lining up elements according to those divisions will help achieve a cohesive, structured, and harmonious layout.