Workspace -- Let's See Yours

Many creatives enjoy seeing other creative’s workspace.

Most other rooms in the house have been updated to reflect our style. My office is one room that has not had much work done to it. We put in recessed lighting, and maple flooring was installed when we did the rest of the house. Eventually, I’d like to take down the chair rail and crown molding, take out the built in shelves, paint, add more modern shelving by the window, and buy a document scanner to reduce the need for so many file cabinets. Until then, it is what it is, super functional, but not aesthetically pleasing.

Very nice! You have a window. I don’t. :weary:

Nice chair!

I’ll trade you for the window.


Wait, you already have one. I have nothing left to offer.

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I would be embarrassed to post mine! Not nearly as neat and tidy as yours. I do have a nice window though.

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My workspace is my living room with my 1st generation MacBook Pro laptop. I have desktop computers scattered throughout the house that I access remotely. My original workspace is too embarrassing to show because it’s just a desk in the corner of the junky den which my teenage daughters mostly use and trash. It’s filled with exercise equipment, music equipment, a 6.1 surround sound entertainment/gaming console system, and an array of desks with a half dozen computers on it. The computers are 2 Compaqs and 2 Last generation IBMs/1st generation Lenovos.

The Macs on the desk are a 1st generation G3, G4, and a G5 which is faster than my latest MacMini models when it comes to processing graphics. 2 of the 4 monitors on the desk are CRTs that are shared with switching units. There’s also an 8" monochrome CRT that’s been sitting there since the kids were crawling that I used to monitor them from what was then called “the office.” Now I only go in there to exercise, hide things, fix things, walk to the back yard, or turn on the G5.

Yeah, I’m a hoarder.

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Just an update, I’m reclaiming the den as my office. I’m trying to get back into shape. I got a treadmill desk which I hope to use primarily. As a secondary desk, I’ve gotten the mentioned CRTs, G3, and all the other obsolete equipment off of my big desk and replaced it with a 47" LCD that I almost sent to a recycling center. Now I have a bigger screen that’s much more comfortable on the eyes, and room to put my laptop on when I get tired of standing on my treadmill desk. I’ll keep you posted on how it works out.

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I’ll refrain from posting a picture of my bed and laptop :smile:

Very cool idea. Sounds spendy, but good for you for taking the steps to get more in shape, DZ.

I can’t post a picture of my office. Suffice to say, it’s festooned with printed and fabric deck samples swatches, print samples of all kinds on just about every substrate imaginable, vendor catalogs, conversion charts, color books, color test boards for ongoing/repeat projects, carved stuff, CNC’d and laser cut stuff, various chain weights and computer equipment. Kinda like a whirlwind in a Bazaar sort of thing. Every once in a while I take it all out to one of the shop tables and start tossing stuff to start over again.

I used to be really bad with 3 monitors and a laptop. At that time I was doing a lot of traffic data processing for NYSDOT running about 5 different pieces of software. I have since downsized a bit LOL

Prolly should deal with this though.


Here’s my 9-5 office. My office at home is in the basement and not nearly as tidy… yet.


Willyflew and CrowPebble, I now have a bad case of big monitor envy. :hushed:


Bump for all of the new people.

Your guys’ offices are way too clean!

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The only thing I would add here is a projector. It gives an enormous boost both for working with massive graphic and big data. Sometimes even use it for coding and checking my visuals. And it’s a nice alternative to TV as well. Check the article to find $100 projector. Hope it helps.

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