Would you give a feedback to my work?

Dear all,

Here is my random work. I did it for fun using Sketch. Just wanted to express the speed as a visual concept.

Background photo was picked from the web. Text effects were added by me.

Did I succeed to express the speed? How can I make expression better?

I would really like to hear your feedback.

Ps: I am beginner in designing

Hi and welcome

Before I get into the question you have actually asked, one thing that did strike me, was the point in your post where you said that you had taken the background image from the web. I am sure you already know this, but as you say you are just starting out and just incase you don’t; always make sure images come from legitimate sources. Without the correct permissions, it is illegal to just use pics you find. I am guessing by the size of the image, this came from a free image library, but just in case it didn’t, be careful or you can end up in very hot water.

As to your question, does it give a sense of speed. Yes, a little, but much of that is to do with the background image. I assume what you have done is just put the word, SPEED over it and applied a motion blur. If I’m being honest, it’s not all that original. More importantly, what is its purpose? What problem are you trying to solve? Why do you need to show speed? I am being slightly pedantic here, as I know it is just an exercise for its own ends. However, design is about coming up with ideas to solve a problem.

Even for this, as an exercise, I’d suggest digging a little deeper. Think about something clever and original to depict speed, rather than simply emulating what you’ve seen others do before. Once you have an idea, the find an appropriate way to illustrate that idea. It will have more substance and be far more memorable.

Keep at it. It’s not a bad start.

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As @sprout mentioned there’s not much to provide feedback on given the superficial nature of your experimentation (which is totally fine given where you’re at).

Regarding what you’ve done thus far, it’s a cool effect and I think it does express motion.

Do you want to be an artist or a designer?

@sprout I am aware of this and always use photos that are free for commercial use.

Yes. Motion blur is here. What I also done is copying and pasting the word “SPEED” 6 times, move those words to the left, and changing opacity of those copies until I got what I want with that word.

I agree. It isn’t original at all :smiley:
There is no any deeper meaning of this work. I just want to exercise in order to be better in work with Sketch, and I didn’t want to spent too much time on this. The last sentence is what I am also aware of. I am practicing now in order to be better in solving a problems with design (a little bit) later.

@sprout thank you for feedback. I will keep at it and try to be more original with this and future work :slight_smile:

@pluto thanks for understanding where I am in design at the moment, and thank you for your feedback.

I still don’t know :sweat_smile:
Probably both. I will see during the time.

Yes, I guessed as much, given the size and style of the photos. It is amazing how many people think that just because it is on the internet it is a free-for-all.

Keep at it. That you understand what design actually is about puts you ahead of the game. I am always astounded how many newbies and even degree-level students think its all about making Photoshop work.

You’re trying to communicate “Speed” visually - but you’ve inserted the words - which detracts from the meaning of the image.

You should be trying to emulate speed with just the image

I know a few here have the words Speed in it - but I still don’t think it’s necessary for them.

The background is jarring - it doesn’t say speed - it looks more like an alien world with lightning.
Then the word “Speed” zooming around it.

It needs more context - why is it speeding, where is it speeding?

@Smurf2 Understand and it makes sense to me. Especially a part about the context.

Although these tips are about some of basic things in designing, these tips mean a lot to me because I started acquiring design skills a month ago without any previous prior knowledge of the basics of design, aesthetics and so on.

I started from absolutely zero. I come from the world of economics and digital marketing.

Thank you everyone for advices, and thank you for helping me!

When you’re trying to convey a feeling or an emotion - or even a force, the image has to be that.

Take inspiration from things you already know and have seen.

You don’t have to be from a world of design to notice these things.

I know. I just learn a lot, and very intensively about designing at the moment, this is a totally new world to me. Sometimes I feel lost. That is exactly the reason why I needed a feedback from more experienced designers :smiley:

I took a note. Will remember next time.

Thanks for taking it so well. It’s not easy starting out - and there’s a lot of information to absorb - and not only this but then to apply it is different again.

You can do it!

Exactly. Thank you for giving me a feedback, and for your support :blush:

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