Wow... all night trying to export a high quality PNG or JPEG

Having a nightmare trying to export high-quality PNGs and JPEGs today. I must have exported at least 30 this week with no problems, and now when I reallllyyyyy need to do it, I just cannot make it happen using Illustrator.

I have tried every possible method I can think of including save for web, and every setting in every combination imaginable. Nothing works.

I can get them to look OK, but never crisp like usual. They seem to look great for like a second! and then go blurry. Not ridiculously blurry, but blurry enough to bother me. Also, some of the edges look jagged. The jaggedness seems to get a bit better when I zoom in on the image, not sure if this is relevant?

I updated to the latest version of Illustrator to see if that would help, but no luck.

Also, I downloaded inkscape to see if I could export a png from an Ai file using that, and the same result. Slightly jagged, blurry images, so I’m not sure what to think… could it by computer? Something to do with graphic drivers maybe? I’m completely lost.

Any clever people on here have an idea s to what could be causing this. I would really appreciate some help, I have a client I have to get work to ASAP.

Really bad timing. Sorry for the long moany post.

Cheers, Glitch.

Just to add, Ai files that I was previously able to export high-quality PNGs from, I now can’t.

Have you tried opening up the AI files in Photoshop?

Illustrator’s raster image export has never been good, and this is such a common complaint that I really don’t even understand how or why such a workflow becomes established in the first place.

The “done it many times satisfactorily, and now can’t” is an oddly common thread in it too, but having never gotten satisfactory results myself, I can’t address that. (Actually, it’s very rare for me to produce vector art for raster-format output, generally speaking. I may have done more of it in attempts to reproduce the problems of others than for my own work.) Whenever I do design in vectors for raster output, copy/paste to Photoshop for properly controlled output is the recipe.

Thanks guys, but I have tried pasting the work from illustrator into photoshop and exporting from there, but it didn’t work.

My computer just seems incapable of producing a good quality image at the moment. I have had to install illustrator onto my daughters laptop and export the images from there. I do need to get to the bottom of this though, somehow.

Also now since I reinstalled photoshop, when I try to adjust the size of smart objects whilst keeping the proportions the same (holding shift) it will not allow me to do that anymore.

What OS?

Either OS, try completely turning off your machine and turning it back on.
Especially after reloading Adobewares.

There are also known anti-virus conflicts that mess with shift key use on Macs.

I’m using windows 10.

Thanks PD I’ll give that a try. I did read that about anti-virus software interfering with the shift key function, so maybe I’ll look into that too. Seemed to be one specific program in particular that kept cropping up though, and I don’t have that software installed.

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