Writers strike has begun

After failing to reach a deal with the Movie and Television folks, the Writers Guild of America went on strike at midnight. Late-night talk shows and soap operas will be the first impacted. And if the strike drags on, other programming will be affected. The last strike, in 2007, lasted 100 days. I remember it well … and if you watch old series, you will see the 2007 seasons with only a handful of episodes versus the average of 20 or more for other years. I hope they can resolve it fast. We DO NOT need more reality TV. I absolutely LOATHE all of it. This is how it got a great foothold to begin with :slightly_frowning_face: Networks needed content but had no writers. :roll_eyes:

Simple answer. Don’t watch TV. :slight_smile:

We haven’t even owned a television for around 25 years, so I suppose it won’t make much difference to me — unless, of course, it drags on for months and starts affecting Netflix and whatever other streaming stuff I watch on my tablet.

I agree. Unfortunately, I think that’s where we’re heading. Every citizen lives out their own Truman Show whether they like it or not, while watching other Truman Shows.

storytelling > “content.”

In recent years I have found myself watching less and less TV. Now I just watch the news on Channel 4 some weekdays and that’s about it.

16 days and I haven’t noticed. Are they still on strike?

It’s why I haven’t posted much :smiley:

Now I wish there were a reality show contestants guild.

Life will be that much better when they decide to strike.

With reality shows, viewers should go on strike.