WTF is a Grid Image in Illustrator?

This should be the simplest file someone could build in Illustrator. But this one has in the links panel, items called “Grid Image”. That is totally new to me. It’s just rectangles of color which could easily be drawn in Illustrator. But there are compound shapes, Grid Images, dumb stuff. even after 35 years doing this, someone comes up with a new way to draw a box. The white stripe is a compound shape!
Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 10.38.07 AM

As I suspect you know, “grid image” is not an illustrator term.

I also suspect it’s possible the file didn’t originate in Illustrator, although that might be easier to conclude with a peak at the Layers panel.

Whoa, that kerning is all over the place too.
What’s a Grap Efruit?
Or a La Ger?
I think HB is right that this didn’t come from Illustrator.

As for finding new ways to make boxes, I’ve seen some pretty clever things done in InDesign that make for face-palm.

All I’ve been able to come up with is from web design, but…
C’mon man!

Wrong tools for the job and all.
Could it possibly have come from a wysiwyg website maker?
I guess the question is, can you fix it? Or do you bounce it.
It sure as heck requires the additional uh…desktop charge for heroic efforts.