X2 Flyer Design

Some one asked me to design a X2 flyer and X2 Poster.

I want to know what does X2 means.

Is this some type of dimensions.
Please help

I haven’t the slightest idea what X2 means. What part of the world are you in?
Unless they mean 2up. I would understand that.

You could ask this some one to elaborate. I, too, would assume 2-up, but we all know where assume gets us.

I guess it could also mean two-sided, but that’s just a guess. You probably ought to ask them instead of us.

Or they may possibly even mean designing 2 flyers and 2 posters as in “2x” (2 times). I’d just ask for clarification.

Yup. The verdict is in: We all have our own interpretation of what we think it is. Take the direct route and get it from the source.

The template sites call 2X double sided.
But I’d ask.

  1. Clarity is necessary.
  2. Clients are the only ones that “might” know what they want.
  3. Clients prefer (generally) to not be bothered by details and repeated calls.

Therefore, do not leave your first contact without understanding exactly what the client needs. We can only guess what he/she’s thinking.

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