Xd ui/ux

I’m hoping to get some insight on Adobe XD for possible work doing UI/UX. I’ve been doing some tutorials in this, hoping to advance my skills. I’ve done web sites in Dreamweaver, wordpress, and the drag and drop types like Wix. I know basic html, CSS. I’ve had training in interface design, testing and doing prototypes for sites but this was way before programs could make designs across the board for phones and Ipads etc.

My question is: is XD a program that many companies use and/or is XD a good app that I can learn/update same skills in a similar program?
any input helps

I haven’t used it on a job, but I can say people do use it. I did a quick search for “Adobe XD” on a job search board and found it to be required software for quite a few positions. I think since Adobe Cloud has such a wide reach, and that XD is included with it, many organizations are using it more.

Here is a list of programs with similar functions as XD: https://www.slant.co/options/18065/alternatives/~adobe-xd-alternatives

In the same method I’ve mentioned above, you could search job boards to see how often those apps are in demand.

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