Years that I have not seen a site like this!

I wanted to submit a site to an important museum in Rome. I have no words! :face_vomiting:
museo macro of rome
Your opinion?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a site like that. I had to check that it was a real thing. LOL.

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Yes, unbelievable. It’s really embarrassing!

But you know what?
It made you re-post it and they gained one more person who now knows who they are.
Is that a total failure?

Oh my…The blue page with black writing with a white stroke … nearly gave me one


I’m with PrintDriver!!! That was a totally new experience! Wow… Yes, it was horrible, I think I had a mild seizure while viewing it.

It is uglyyy hahahahah.

I have to confess that I do have a deep fascination for things ugly. Even more so for the unintentional versions.

Bloody hell. I have doubt as to whether that was “unintentional”. I definitely detect a hint of bad-on-purpose in the air, along with a faint note of intrigue with how suitable use of the word MACRO turns out.

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Wow! I’m reasonably sure the people designing this website made it look this way on purpose. It comes across to me as being intentionally different and experimental — sort of an art project.

It’s more than a little ugly and it’s sloppily built in places. It also looks like a throwback to the 1990s in many ways, but I’ve got to give them credit for not falling into Wordpress theme rut that’s sucking the remaining life out of website design.

in this case art makes users run away :rofl:
there are no ways, an institutional museum must have a usable site.

I’m not so sure it isn’t usable. Maybe it’s not so bad when viewed from the vantage point of what the museum is.

In their own words, this is a modern art museum with a “project aimed to produce an art capable of revolutionizing society, serving as a manifesto for the museum’s attitude and identity.” They go on to say, “For this reason, it has become essential to experiment with alternative models.”

I’m not saying I like it, because I don’t. However, liking it, isn’t really the point. They’ve intentionally avoided conforming to norms and have taken a more experimental approach that’s more in keeping with their general philosophy.

The language they use in describing themselves and their goals is the usual self-absorbed, over-the-top, manifesto-like language some experimental artists have used for decades. Their website seems consistent with the kind of artsy mindset that I spent way too much time in my university fine arts classes studying.

mmm, I don’t think so.
Do we remove the slides for wheelchairs just because we want to be different?
Who knows what Jeffrey Zeldman thinks about it.

I suspect their views are the antithesis of Jeffery Zeldman’s. :smile:

The site has many glaring problems, but it’s still largely usable. They come right out and say they’re focused on modern, experimental art, which seems in line with their unusual approach to their website. Like I mentioned, I don’t like the website, but I appreciate their reasoning.

I appreciate your way of seeing things :+1:

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