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Hello everyone,

I’ve searched around the net but couldn’t find anything and wanted to get input here. Last week I took some photos on a Canon 5D Mark III. When shooting indoors it was fine, but when I snapped pics outdoors I noticed a yellow tinge to my images that followed into Lightroom. I used both a 35mm and 70-200 IS II and the problem (and lack thereof) appears in both lenses on the same body.

Anyone have any experience with this? Here is an example image in both color as well as black & white.

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My first instinct would be that the white balance is set for a specific light temp for indoors. There are way to many variables from camera to post to really tell without seeing your exif data.

Thanks for your response, willyflew. I’ve compared the data and everything seems like it should be okay. The WB was set to 6000 so I don’t think that was an issue. Plus, when the image is completely desaturated the yellow tinge should go away.

It’s strange that it’s only at the bottom of the image and only outside (I took some photos on a patio as well and didn’t see the yellowing).

If it helps, here’s the exif data:05%20PM

Found a solution and just following up in case anyone runs into a similar problem. It appears it was a preset issue within Lightroom. I reset the picture to straight from camera and reapplied the preset and the problem was resolved. Maybe LR was reading this for all similar photos.

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That makes a lot of sense. I am just starting to delve into the Lightroom world. I use a program called Fastone Image Viewer to library and view images which has very basic editing capabilities which is great for me. It is a great open source software I have been using for almost 10years. I really couldn’t find much online either last night but was kinda stuck on it being a camera thing though. Linky below to an article I found the past few days as I embark on my journey into the Canon DSLR world. I shot OLY’s for many years before shelving photography all together and am just now jumping back in. Thanks for sharing your findings Happy Shooting !!

Canon Picture Styles

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I love the first one, it’s really amazing.

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