You will read this first

I actually read the one at the top second haha

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Same here. I imagine this tests eye movement for type without the distraction of other imagery.

I read it in exactly the order it said I would.

I used to be the design director for a daily newspaper. While redesigning the paper, we worked with a place in Florida called the Poynter Institute. They had a program where people’s eye movements were tracked as they scanned newspaper pages. The results were very enlightening and enabled us to design the paper in ways that considered how people decided what to read and how important things like pull-out quotes and cutlines were in attracting attention and providing entry points into stories.

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I read it in order lol … what does that say about me? :wink:

Me too - The big one will always be first, then I suppose you read down. I didn’t even see the top line at first.

I read what I want to read. But then, I’m old.

The order that you read the lines depends on the interface. If this was a printed piece, then, yes, you’d probably read it in the order suggested from largest font to smallest font. If you’re reading it online and scrolling is involved, perhaps you’re on a small screen or phone, then you’re going to read it top to bottom as you scroll. So, not trying to be a nit picky butthead, but UI matters.

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That’s exactly what happened when I looked at it Steve-O.
I was multi-tasking last night and the browser window was closed up to a skinny bar across the top of my screen (I was monitoring a discord server topic while doing homework and switched over to GDF on a break.) It got read in order, top down.

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