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So I have a lot of older Adobe software on my home computer (CS6.) It’s just there because that computer is that old.
I recently updated to Mojave and just did the latest update.

Not sure why I haven’t been seeing these before because the “feature” was supposedly present in Yosemite, but now my Mac is telling me on every startup that one piece of software is “Not Optimized” for the current version of Mac OS and needs to be updated. It’s always a different piece and it’s always old Adobe gear.

Apparently Apple is phasing out 32-bit support in favor of 64 only. Its been going on a few years now but looks like time is up.

Old Adobe apps supposedly will still run, but with glitches. Their days are numbered.
Soon you will all be assimilated.

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Sure sounds like it :frowning: This is why I hate updating to a certain degree. I have a friend who keeps an old machine going just to keep old programs he loves running.

Yeah, not a fan of the Adobe subscription model and held tight with CS5 as long as I could. Too many years until retirement to fool myself that I could avoid jumping into CC. Sigh. Not really a fan of updating operating systems, either. Geez, I sound like a geezer. Just give me a solid operating system and design software I don’t have to pay for every month. The vast majority of new “features” are meaningless to me. Where is that thread about alternates to CC?

Here’s my (subjective) list of alternatives that all have a non-rental option:

Yes, and if I remember correctly, the new version of MacOS coming out most likely in Sep/Oct this year (2019), will not offer support for 32-bit apps anymore. Meaning, that InDesign CS6 (and older) and QuarkXPress 10 (and older) will not run on it anymore.

However as Apple typically supports two previous operating systems, you should be fine running Mojave until 2022, if you do not want or need to update to the newest MacOS.

My iMac at home is 11 years old this summer so I can’t install an OS past El Capitan even if I wanted to. Unfortunately, my Adobe suite is even older than that and stopped working when I upgraded to Snow Leopard so …
Last year this iMac was getting really slow and upgrading is not really an option for me so I did a complete wipe / reformat / reinstall and now it runs better than the 2 year old iMac at work lol.

For the older Adobewares to work on Snow Leopard you have to download a Javascript patch. CS5 and 6 are still running on my Mojave machine. If older than CS5 though, very doubtful.

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