Your first online client?

Can you tell the story of your first online client and how did he get to you? How you marked your self back then?

I can’t remember the first. I remember the last, though. He’s turning out to be challenging.

Back when Craigslist was a big thing, I would make a weekly ad there (or had a script that did it for me).

My first online client contacted me to design some business cards, have them printed and then shipped to a state the I didn’t even live in. The whole time I felt like it was a scam or something- but they paid me through Paypal and everything went smoothly.

I’ve gotten several jobs since then from there, including large web dev jobs, and I’ve never been scammed by anyone online, luckily. But the whole Craigslist thing sort of dwindled away and I couldn’t imagine it being that useful anymore.

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I can’t really remember. I’m also not sure how to differentiate an online client from the others. There’s always some sort of online aspect to almost every job — some more than others.

The first time I had a totally online client-like thing happen wasn’t exactly even a client. It’s probably back in the early '90s when people started sending me checks for a font I designed and that they had downloaded off Compuserve — an old dial-up bulletin board. That likely doesn’t count, though.

Since that time, it’s just sort of gradually become a combination of online, phone calls, and in-person meetings in various combinations. Every now and again, someone contacts me totally out of the blue from thousands of miles away to do work. I never do meet them in person, which is probably what you’re referring to. I’m wary of those kinds of jobs — they seem to have a higher-than-average chance of turning into problem jobs that I wish I had turned down.

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Southern rock ‘n’ roll band, logo and peripherals. Completely mangled a font, used skulls and crossed guitars for their tees, etc … the whole deal.

Still keep in touch 10+ years later.

They posted an add on a forum I used to do a lot of Ps mini tutes for called PST (Photoshop Techniques)

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The project is challenging or the client?

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

While starting the online profession, everyone is targeting on the quality work and deadline., and also look for improvement for the next project…
so it is difficult to remember the whole story of first client for everyone…

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My first online client was almost exactly 20 years ago. No idea who it was. Today, all clients are online. It’s very rare to get files transferred to us using physical media any more.

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How do you got those clients? What’s you strategy for that?

Not long ago, in Upwork he contacted me after seeing my work retouching product photographs, the payment was low but the experience is priceless!

Do you have a strategy for getting clients? Can I see your work?

it was really long waiting process.But then i got the reward for that wait.

Can you tell me the story. How he got you online?

Dear Rami!
its all depend on your profile that how effectively you manage it.

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Thanks my friend.

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