~Your Neck Of The Woods~

Please share with us a pic or two of where you call home. Something interesting happening? Post it! Is your rose bush just gorgeous this year? Post it! Is there a deer in your back yard? Post it!

As long as it’s family friendly … we want to see it :heart:

I’ll start you off …

Here is some winter for you in Upstate New York! Massive chunks of ice are pushed up and at some points over the road … it gets removed as it falls onto the roadway :slight_smile:

Every now and again in the winter the gunky air clears out and Salt Lake City appears down in the valley. I shot this one about an hour ago while walking our beagle around the neighborhood.


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That’s Gorgeous B!!! What a view! :heart::heart:

My walk to work:

Bluebell Woods nearby:

My back yard:


Looks lovely SM :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing :heart:



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