Your opinion needed

Hi there!

I need your comments on this logo. It is for a small company PD Media which creates short video for different needs. Thank you <3

At smaller sizes do you read it ok?


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i guess i should put ‘media’ outside of the ‘pd’ symbol

Are you ever going to try to print that? Not happening. At least not in the way you imagine.

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What does the single color version look like?

It’s a good online/digital version

Really need to consider print/fax/email/etc.

Different types of print - or embroidery for t-shirts etc.

One colour version - two colour versions

It’s ok to keep the text on the inside - but perhaps for smaller versions it goes without text - or with text on the outside.

As far as the logo goes - I would say that it looks more like POD than PD.

Hard to distinguish the P and D as separate entities.

I don’t dislike it - but it could be better.

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The name of the company is Media? While I like the P and D combination (even though I think it’s a bit on the skinny side…) it doesn’t read as PD Media. You may have to consider separating the bug from the name.

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Hmm … I wonder why.

No idea :thinking:


I glanced at your image and read “media.” Then @Smurf2’s post caught my eye, and I looked at the smaller version. I didn’t see the pd until I read your post.

Aside from the legibility issues, I get the distinct impression that you’re relying on gradients and inner glows rather than a solid concept. If I were working on a logo for a company with the initials p d, a monogram like this is an obvious direction and one that I would explore, so I’m not faulting you for considering this. But how hard did you push this? It’s not a terribly interesting p d combination which makes me think you went with the low hanging fruit and then started throwing on the effects.

My suggestion is that you spend a lot more time pushing this concept. I’m sure there is a more unique solution out there that won’t rely on the effects to make it interesting.


dark blue

thank you very much!

That shape doesn’t read as a pd. Also the negative space it creates with those ascenders and descenders is going to be a pain when placing the logo.

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If you use some sort of stylized PD as a logo, that’s great, but you still need to spell out the entire name of the company, as in PD Media. I don’t think obfuscating the name of the company in some sort of hybrid logo/text treatment is anything but a hindrance to clarity.


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