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So I’ve been going through a redesign and was curious where you all host your design portfolios. I made a cargo collective site back when I was at AIPDX and kept it relatively updated but I’m considering making another either from template or Wordpress to go with my redesign. I’ve seen Adobe Portfolio but I haven’t gone into any depth looking at it. Let me know what you guys prefer and if you have any gripes about the platform.

Hi nk gd,

i asked myself the same a few month ago and found a cool solution within a flipbook.

here is the site where i got the idea for this - wordpress flipbook

I think its a creative way to show what you got :sunglasses:

I currently use Adobe Portfolio, but that’s mainly because it’s free with my CC sub. I would prefer to use Wordpress for more versatility, but if I can save money then I’m all for that.

Adobe Portfolio is…okay. The templates make it the creation process fairly quick. If you’re looking to create an original looking website, I would go elsewhere. My experience with Adobe has been that the site building software is often buggy and unresponsive. I still can’t figure out how to do certain things with the text and placing elements.

The plus side is Adobe provides you a domain if you don’t have one you want to use. They also host the site and keep it updated so you literally have no self maintenance to worry about. It’s nice if you just want something out there.

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I’ve been using for lo, these many years. It costs me about $140 annually, and it’s highly customizable.

It’s structured as a photographer’s portfolio site, but I’ve recently revamped mine to include my design work as well.

It’s well worth a look, as it’s completely plug and play. You can use your own domain, you can have standard pages or custom. You can use their themes or customize. You can have multiple discount lists, coupons, sell photo gifts, and I sell private photography lessons too.

If you customize it, there’s plenty of support via youtube.

There’s really nothing it lacks.

Edited to add, oops, I just saw that this is an old post… but you know, the information is still good, so I’ll leave it up. :wink:


No worries, no statute of limitations of people sharing quality opinions.

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I use with a premium upgrade.

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I also think that Wordpress will be good. You can also use some template for example.

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I’ve tested a few CMS and I’m sticking with Wordpress. The only thing I’d definitely recommend if you go with WP is investing in a good premium theme. Don’t go for free themes, as pretty as they might be. You want something with clean code behind it. Also each theme uses different builders and not all of them will suit you.

Squarespace wants to be Apple among CMS so it looks super pretty but often fails when trickier customisation is needed. In that sense, WP is a lot more flexible.

Wix is crap.

My two cents :smiley:


Interesting suggestion. I’ve set up websites for multiple clients using Wordpress, with different (free) themes depending on their needs. I do most of the maintenance for them too.

So would you suggest buying one core premium theme that I could customize for different clients?

We use the Avada theme here at work. Which, IMO, is pretty good. I’ve also heard good things about Divvy. if I remember right Avada is pretty reasonable at around $60 or $70

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Avada looks interesting, I’ll take a deeper look.

I have each client on their own Bluehost account. Technically speaking, could I use Avada across multiple hosting accounts, if I housed it on my own hard drive?

That I don’t know. Sorry.

My first portfolio website was built with a free theme. It looked lovely but it turned out the theme was slowing down the website. I guess it depends on how complex the site is and what your client needs.

Some theme developers will allow you to pay for the theme once and then use it for multiple projects.
Based on this, it’s possible but cost goes up.

Some will only allow using a theme per one live website, which makes sense too as you’re paying for separate licenses. I’m still in the testing phase with themes and builders until I find a few I prefer, so I’m getting different themes for different clients.

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I know this is a bit late but I just saw this.

Yes, you can use Avada for multiple accounts. When you purchase it you are provided with a .zip folder with all the necessary files to upload the theme. The only issue is you are provided with one license, so you would not be able to apply updates to the theme which could make it vulnerable.

I use Avada for my company’s site and I currently use Avada for my own site, and I’ve got to say, it is the most reliable and easy to use Wordpress theme I’ve used.

Is it the same license for both?

Do you mean that I wouldn’t be able to update all my clients’ sites if I used the same license for them?

I use separate licenses for the two sites in which I use the Avada theme.

One licenses gets you lifetime updates for one website. The license is tied to the domain name. However, because you get all the theme files in a .zip folder when you purchase the theme, you could technically use the theme for multiple websites, with the rule of only being able to update one of those websites.

Got it. Thank you.

Of course, it is possible to use a template or a website builder, but if you are looking for the way to create something new, I can recommend to pay attention to the modern projects that offer a new direction in web design like that one on . They may seem to be pretty simple, but are supposed to attract multiple investments. Also I should say, such projects suggest a fresh idea for web designers, so they are worth checking and trying.

I’m using for my portfolio website, i’m hosted my portfolio website on the same sever its very helpfully for my photography and Illustrator work. but its down in a month.

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