Your thoughts about my web site

Hi, guys. I’m working for a digital agency in New Zealand, recently we launched our new website. We are very happy to Know what do you think and what things we can improve.


Hi cerotv, from a fellow Auckland designer :slight_smile:

First impressions, really nice aesthetic with slick photography. Lots of info and easy to navigate.

The only issue I see is that the thumbnails are illustrate the client rather than the work (e.g. website design etc). It looks cohesive though so that’s good.

Thanks. I agree the thing is though, how to have consistency through the pictures on the site if all of them have a different aesthetic, It was a tough decision.
Again thanks for your comments, I appreciate it.

remove the sticky scrolling, it’s driving me mad. free flow it, maybe you can add and fade scroll animation so it slows down softer then usual.

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