You're my last hope Obi Wan

Tried all the usual suspects, got nuthin…

Thanks for you help!

this is not the typeface you are looking for, you should go about your business.

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Actually the typeface is my business. Need to ID it for a client.

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Do you need the actual font for an extended application or do you need to recreate the logo?

If the latter, that could be recreated in just a few minutes. The H is easy-peasy. The A and N are basically the same character. The Es are the same.

I need the actual font, thanks. Yea, this wouldn’t be hard to recreate, it could probably be traced & expanded in Illy but the client has a new product and they want to use the same font. And I don’t have all the letters needed or I could do it as just vector shapes. Their bad for not using me originally.

And yes, I’ve told them to get back to the original designer but if I can come up with it quicker than the original designer takes to get back to us (if they ever do), I’m the hero.

Looks good for me. I don’t know what can I say about this.

I’m looking for the name of the typeface. ?

Looks like a hack of Lustra Black.

I’m not sure if it’s a hack job but Lustra Black could be a decent sub if I have use one.

Sorry for the late reply … been nursing my sore noggin. :wink:

Looks like Moltors Semi-Italic with a hacked N.


THERE’S my Obi Wan!!! Thanks Kitty, you’re the BEST!!! :smiley:

Oh no, what’s wrong with your noggin? :slightly_frowning_face:

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You are very welcome :heart::heart:

and the noggin is ok … just dealing with migraine crapola. Thanks for asking D thwub

Oh that sucks!! Hope it’s better soon

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Thankfully it’s on it’s way out :wink:

RKK strikes again – as always!

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Just doin’ my little ole thang … :smiley:



It’s funny you mentioned the hacked N, they flipped it! and I like it better flipped

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