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Hey Guys, i wanna start a new youtube channel, anyone got advice or pointers to help me set up properly?

You probably aren’t going to get much of a response. I don’t know of anyone here that runs a YouTube channel. For profit anyway :wink:

so i’ll be the first, then i’ll make it work and start to give advice :relaxed:

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Ironically, I just started getting more serious with my channel. Until a few months ago, I only used YouTube for a video repository. FYI, I only use it for my hobby’s, like chainsaws and axes(I know weird right?:laughing:)
Here’s my advice:

  1. ALWAYS BE CONSISTENT! Upload your content at the same time and days in a week(or bi-weekly)
  2. Strive to upload at minimum one time per week to start. Perhaps, more after you get established well.
  3. Catchy thumbnails are vital! 16:9’s
  4. Never make your thumbnail title and video title the same.
  5. While tags are dying, they still work.
  6. Content is king, shoot for at least 10 min in length
  7. Create Playlists
  8. Write a brief script before you press record.
  9. Don’t get hung up on high end gear.(remember content is king) invest in audio before video quality.

Best of luck!

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really helpful

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I hope that you will succed.

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Hoping for the best results.

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