Zoom to Pay $85 Million to Settle Privacy Class Ac

From selling the data to Facebook and Google to HIPAA violations for all those “pandemic” Zoom Doctor appts.

Glad I never used it. But, I know it sure became the darling of the pandemic … fast!

Steve is a lawyer I watch and like him, I never heard of Zoom before Covid hit.

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That’s peanuts to them. Imagine what they got paid for the info.

The internet sucks more every day


Agreed :frowning:

A Zoom Bomb would have sparked up some of my classes last year, the sound of crickets was way louder during online critiques than in a physical classroom, which I so missed being in.

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I’d be very up to date on tech. And when a business colleague asked me to join a zoom call I was like, never heard of it.

He was shocked as I would be very tech savvy.

I was like wtf are we using zoom for when there’s already free video conferencing tools in use.

We never did go on zoom.

Not on Facebook. Not on Google.
Ad blockers installed.

Only that Ad Blockers only block the ads they do don’t stop data collection and ads being targeted at you.

Truth of the matter is you can’t really stop it.

I witnessed someone displaying Bluetooth adverts in an airport. Once the Bluetooth device was in range the billboard targeted adverts at the person walking by.

How creepy is that?

You really need to hide your IP and location. But sites are wary of this and some don’t allow you access.

The internet and every app is just a data mining and sales exercise.

Nobody is safe.

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Zoom Annual Revenue: $2.7 Billion

Class Action Payout: $85 Million

Lawyer’s Fees: 25% ($21.25 Million)

Amount Paid to Paid Zoom Accounts: $25.00*

Amount Paid to Free Zoom Accounts: $15.00*

*I didn’t see anything online regarding the payout to users. Will these be made automatically. I highly doubt it. You probably have to jump through hoops to get your settlement. It’s hardly worth me spending an hour trying to figure that out for a measly fifteen bucks.

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That’s what they are counting on.
the Can’t Be Bothered crowd.
It would be more fun to get a few thousand users to wait until the last possible moment to claim then hit them all on the same day. You’d have to wait for your 15 bucks, but it would be so worth it.

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Last week, I received a letter from Google saying I was entitled to a portion of a court settlement with Google Adsense of sixty-some dollars from about ten years ago. There was a bunch of paperwork to fill out regarding how I had used Google Adsense back then. After ten years, there was no way I could remember the answers to their questions, so it went into the trash.

The only people who win in these lawsuits are the attorneys.


The only thing I ever take away from these sort of things is …

I should have become a Lawyer :wink:

I found out I was part of a Class Action well after the fact. It was for some defective part on a vehicle I had owned many years prior. There was no compensation after court costs and Attorney fees. But, I won!

Yay me!


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