17 Year Old Graphic Designer from Virginia

Hi everybody!

My name is Mitch. I am a 17 year old graphic designer working from my home in Virginia. I am currently focusing mainly on t-shirt design as I also work full time as your friendly neighborhood pizza man and I’ve found that t-shirt designs are fun and relaxing and can be created quickly in my free time without the stress of a deadline. You can check out my tees on www.topwatertees.com or on Instagram @topwatertees. I also love to do just about anything graphic including logos, business cards, album covers, and more. I’m constantly looking to improve my knowledge of design and grow in the industry. I’d love to find a job or even internship as a designer to get my foot in the door and see first hand how the professional process works. Until then, I will continue to create and share my work to the world, this will forever be a passion of mine and I am happy to see that I have found a forum full of like-minded people.

Thanks for reading! ~Mitch

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Hiya Mitch!

Welcome to the forum!! :slight_smile: