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Hi I am Sharon

I am currently in the LAFS for graphic design. I no idea this even existed I am so glad that this form is here I have so many questions. Can not wait to so many new people in this field.

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Welcome to the GDF Sharon. Feel free to ask and answer any questions. That’s what the forum is about. :smiley:

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Welcome Aboard! :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone

I new to graphic design, In this field do we create web sites?

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Web Design is apart of graphic design. If you don’t know the basics of either it may be a slippery slope.

Thanks I just started in in school so was not sure about. I have taken classes on web design before but I not finish.

Thanks fir the welcome

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G’day :beers: welcome to the forums

It’s good to be here thanks

Thanks Just-B

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