A little empty?

I created this fun text based graphic I love where it’s going…I’m having some issues filling space. I’m not sure if I should go for more icebergs or some waves maybe? What do you all think about where it’s heading and what I can improve on? Thanks in advance!

I’d a sealion, or a seapuppy. Other than that it’s great! Well done. Love isometrics like this.

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Graphic design has a purpose. One doesn’t embellish a design with “stuff” just to fill space.

Without knowing the purpose, or if there is no purpose and this is just for your own personal pleasure, it’s pretty near impossible to determine what it needs, if anything at all.

Yeh, but seapuppys are always needed.

ice usually needs lemonade to make me happy.

Top tip: Do not drink yellow snow!

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Unless it’s made with lemonade


“ICY” seems to be tilted towards the viewer, and the icebergs seem to be tilted away from the viewer. To my eye, they need to be on the same plane. Also, wouldn’t the icebergs all be breaking the water at the same angle?

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yes, this is a very rough draft and the first time I’ve worked with an isometric mesh. I kept trying to tweak the angle and just couldn’t get it to look quite right, I’ll go at it again later and share a more refined copy.

Just a reminder, isometric is not perspective. There will be weird looking angles. As for tipping away iceburgs, I assumed they were sloping away from the viewer. They wouldn’t necessarily break the water at the same angle either. Depends on the shape under the water.

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Hmmmm…did not think of adding any living things! Thanks

Design doesn’t always need to say what it says/shows.

Does the Macys logo say shopping/retail?
Does McDonald’s brand itself with a burger and fries?

The brand carries weight much as the work carries wait. The logo or design doesn’t need to do all the work but if it does then what are you trying to convey?

Whats the purpose of ICEY? Does it need supplemental assets? Or does the text carry everything you need to know?

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I should clarify that I am doing this project for myself to build my strength in AI and potentially add to my portfolio. This is only my second post and going forward I will be more clear with the intentions of the projects I share. Sorry :pleading_face:

In this case, I could see this being something like a cover for a single, but not an album. The text is carrying everything and is the main focus of the piece, but I wanted to add some assets b/c a lot of cover art I was inspired by works both as a static piece and an animation. (I hope that makes sense)

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