A logo I made for a movie theater near me. Thoughts?

I made this logo just for fun, but would greatly appreciate advice that you guys have!

Looks like a copy/facsimile of this:

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I thought the same as PanToshi.

Let’s assume you were not aware of the post PanToshi linked to, it reads “Oxy Theatre.” I’m betting it’s supposed to be “Roxy.”

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Yeah, I had no idea. Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll try and make sure my work is more original!

I think it looks pretty good

@Windhover you’re not from Ontario are you, I recognize the name of the theatre. If it’s the place I’m thinking of you definitely don’t want to have any possible associations with oxy.

The idea was that the R completed the name “Roxy”. I do actually live near the Roxy, and go to it often. Nice place.

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