About Myself - (mahmuda_akter)

Hello All, I’m Yeasin Hossain. (mahmuda_akter) this is my professional Name.

I have been a graphic designer for over 5 years. I love my job, and I make sure I deliver beautiful and effective designs. I communicate very well with my clients, I listen to their needs and help them understand how to achieve their goals. Since my experience comes mostly from working in agencies, I understand the marketing aspect of branding.

I have an extended portfolio available here for you to see, if you need additional samples to let me know. I deliver fast, accurately, and on brief. Please read my reviews to know what other customers think of me. :slight_smile:

In a forum full of graphic designers, who create their own beautiful and effective designs, do you think you are going to gain clients?
Your marketing target needs a little work.

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@PrintDriver Thanks for your Solution

That was not a “solution”.

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Maybe it was a liquid solution?

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@Smurf2 :grinning:

Read this (Your marketing target needs a little work)" line carefully

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