Adobe Stock's 2022 design trend predictions

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the minds of Adobe’s marketing people, but here are their trend predictions for 2022.

Motion trends

  • Metaverse mix
  • Dimensional delights
  • Copy and captions
  • Get moving

Visual trends

  • In the groove
  • Prioritize our planet
  • Powerfully playful
  • The centered self

Design Trends

  • Soft pop
  • Heritage craft
  • New naturalism
  • Otherworldly visions

Another trend I’ve noticed is Adobe’s increasingly shallow, glitzy, youth-oriented marketing. It’s as though they’ve given up on both substance and anyone over the age of 29 as having any relevance.

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I don’t find much of that appealing or even all that interesting.

I also noticed it doesn’t contain one man laying down with his cleavage hanging out or rubbing his neck seductively. I guess that stuff will always be trendy :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

But, even if I wasn’t an old lady … this still wouldn’t appeal to me. I guess according to this, to be youthful you have to be dancing, jumping, working out or hanging on each other at all times. I’m exhausted just watching it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had the same reaction when I watched part of Adobe MAX a few months ago. Adobe’s recent marketing seems aimed at an ADHD-afflicted party crowd of 20-somethings who are unable to digest anything but a stream of fast-moving pictures. There’s no useful information — just annoyingly amped-up visual noise.

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Just for you…


That bike has a flat tire…


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File this one under “stock image FAIL”

Tanned, bald but with dreads, gold earrings, Lycra outfit, specialised bicycle, no shoes - what demographic are they going for here ???


Well of course, why should the sex appeal end at the socks?

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But…that flat tire just ruins the whole appeal

It’s a metaphor for something …

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btw … when I looked up what MAMIL meant, I found more pictures of this guy. He’s a real dude with a “skullet” as some call it. His handle is Biker Fox and even has a documentary about him. His real name is Frank P. DeLarzelere III. He claims to be a misunderstood motivational bicyclist, nature conservationist and muscle car guru.
He legally changed his name to Biker Fox after he lost a lot of weight riding bikes. He also does tricks like front flip dismounts.


I tried watching a clip and all he was doing was screaming so I couldn’t take it. Maybe there is something more worthy … but if I can’t take the screaming stuff. So this is all I can tell y’all :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s outragous! My mate was actually going to grow one of these and get some dreadlocks in it :laughing: …he’s into heavy metal and is balding :metal:

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LOL … well he wouldn’t be the first balding heavy metal singer :wink: The 80’s had a few of them :stuck_out_tongue: It would certainly give him a interesting look.

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Yeah, he was kind of a viral thing back in the day. Seems like he’s played out at this point, but I thought it would be a funny response.


Oh it was!


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I’m still waiting – Where’s the font of the year?


On another note, I want this font collection, and I want it bad. Actually, what I want is a job that could use these fonts. VVDS Sunchine Collection It’s only fifty bucks for the collection, I might go ahead and buy it. This would be great for the CD cover game. Funny thing, I like to think that I’m impervious to suggestive selling. Salesmen trying to upsell me don’t stand a chance. But when it comes to fonts … it’s a whole different story. “Why, yes, I would like to add that font to my order, thank you!”

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Oh my … that would be perfect for the CD Game! :smiley: