Advertise a design company by making game


Is designing a game an effective way to advertise a design company?


That’s far too vague a question to get anything but a vague answer:

It could be. Depends
It might not. Depends

Can you be more specific?

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Do you want children for clients?
Be sure your target market has time, for and would enjoy, a ‘game.’
Personally I have no time for games when doing business.

But, if you are a multimedia design company, and your niche is interactive educational games or similar, go for it.

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If one of the design company’s primary skills is game design, yeah, I suppose a simple promotional game could be useful.

I am referring to a game that is accessible for play in a web browser or on a mobile device.
Imagine a game similar to Angry Birds.Imagine a game some thing like angry birds.
A game that does not need too many budjet.

Could you please provide a more detailed explanation of your idea?

B’s reply is pretty succinct and to the point.
Does your company design games (or other interactive software?)
Define your target market.
Determine how much time-wasting they can tolerate.
If you don’t have the marketing budget to do it right, a bad game will only hurt your prospects.
I’d rather see a portfolio of completed projects.

According to publicly available information, Rovio Entertainment, the Finnish video game developer behind the popular mobile game Angry Birds, invested approximately $140,000 in the development of the game. The game was released in 2009 and quickly became a global phenomenon, with millions of downloads worldwide.

Source: google

I don’t have an idea. I was only saying the potential of an idea exists. You would need to figure out how to make a cost-effective, quality promotional game, that specifically targets game-oriented potential clients in a way that gets their attention and makes a positive impression.

If you’re not specifically a design company that develops games and your clients aren’t companies in need of game-like software, I think a promotional game would likely miss the mark