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hi friends im new here and actually need a help from y’all professional designers out here, i saw some random pics on social media and i liked them design and effects, contrasts, etc. its called aesthetic vids/pics design or idk so if anyone know how can i make ones like them or whats the apps used for making
here’s the pictures: * drag the links directly to the browser because the links cant be added in the threads*


in this case you have to add ==> “file (hyphen symbol) upload dot com” then paste these words below after the slash


thank you so much guys <3

Being a first time poster, you might do better to post up screenshots of a couple of the images in question rather than links from an anonymous poster. I tend not to click things like that…

PD beat me to it. :wink:

No one is going to click on unknown links.

Post screen shots or photos.

There is a reason we don’t allow first time posters to have access to all the bells and whistles.

But, if you post up some images we will take a look.

… and Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

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i already posted a lot of pictures in website provides file host but i guess the admin deleted them idk why

So, before they got removed there was nothing out of the ordinary. They looked like a lot of images with posterization, some grain, some sort of “stickers” on them from what I remember. There was nothing about them that, IMO, couldn’t be done with most photo editors. Obviously PhotoShop could do it, but so could probably several other photo editors including web based editors.

There was one I saw that had a little more digital compositing done with overlapped layers with various transparency, etc. But still, nothing that couldn’t be replicated in Photoshop.

I didn’t look at the video links.

As far as guidance on how to achieve a similar style, I’m not sure if anyone will write up a step by step, but if you do drag an image or two into your reply, they may give you some general guidance as far as filter effects, etc.

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I’ve bumped up your forum privileges by a notch. You should be able to post images and links now.

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You did not post images … you posted links to images :wink:

You need to hit the upload button to add an image.

It doesn’t matter now that Just-B upped your standing.

So post away :slight_smile:


thank you a lot! the stickers is simple i can do it myself but what i liked is the kind of effects, editing skills including the advanced technics/tricks, light contrasts, bold 3D fonts with chadows, and everything youll see on them.
btw the videos was just a bunch of anime aesthetic editing thats it

well youre right but the links was actually all safe lol but check the comment above i posted them

thank you boss!

I’m not seeing anything that I would call good design … but that’s just me lol :wink:

I do see a lot of simple filters such as drop shadow, noise, smudging and lens flares.

Looks like someone was just clicking around on Photoshop. I imagine there are apps out there that offer photo filters as well. I don’t know what they are however. Maybe someone else has an idea if you don’t have Photoshop.


Yeah, no it’s not.


All these effects would have been easy enough to do in Photoshop, Affinity Photo, or any one of several other image and photo editors. These applications have various filters and tools. You can use them in various ways to produce all kinds of effects. It’s just a matter of experimenting with them.

What you’ve shown us is the result of kids playing around with image editors and having fun. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, but they’re not the kind of thing a professional would do.

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dude the softwares that you give to me was so awesome! one of those apps will help me do design anything cool that i want to do
if i am a noob at graphic design what you guide me or suggest to some feed resources or courses to becoming a good professional like you?

A good university.

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I’m gonna go out on a limb and say some of those are Instagram filters as well.


Learn Photoshop good and anyone canbe a good graphical designinger.


Ah. I think I’ve seen the term for this particular aesthetic as “Deep-Fried” or “Crunchy”, in reference to the noise and pixilation. If you try searching “how to make Deep-Fried images”, you might find actual tutorials which will list programs that can work, such as Photoshop or GIMP. If you’re just looking to recreate this style, that should get you the basic understanding of the tools to do so.

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agreed but i dont think so i can learn it by myself online all i need is a enough guideness

very clever boy! i took them from a page on instagram lol but the owner left out since one year ago to ask him/her about em

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