Agricultural service platform logo design

I want to get an idea from you guys about logo design.
We have a start-up in the field of agricultural services. Our platform is (online agricultural consultation - online agricultural insurance issuance - buying and selling - land sharing).
What is your idea for the logo?
The name of the startup is pishkar

My idea for your logo (or more accurately, brand identity – a logo on its own is pretty meaningless) would be speak to a professional designer who will be able to ascertain your business model, your target audience, your market position, etc, etc and create, with you, a brand identity which communicates what you want to say to who you want to say it to in the right tone of voice.

I’m afraid a general, vague question like this is never going to achieve what you need it to achieve.

I have just written a long tome to someone else asking how they can make their own flyers and stickers. Some of it applies to you.

Hope this helps.


This was what I thought too
The logo cannot represent all the content of my work and it makes me limited. Our project is in the field of agriculture-veterinary-fisheries online consultation. In my opinion, the name of the company in the form of topography can be good.

Quite often the opinion of the business owner, while relevent, often is not the opinion of the target market.
Be very sure.
Are you selling insurance, land or veterinary services? You do not seem to be very clear in your own business description. I’d start with writing out a business plan. Define your company and your goals as if you were going to a bank for a loan. There are resources online to help with creating a business plan. Once you have that, seek out a professional. Not an online crowdsource. Do it right.

my start-Up is like website acscrops com But our consultation is online.In addition to online consultation - we issue insurance policies online. We have a website for buying and selling agricultural products

I would be happy to generate some ideas for you — as would others on this forum, I bet. What is your budget? Many of us on this forum design professionally and are not in the habit of handing out ideas for free — much like you wouldn’t expect your CPA to prepare your taxes for free.