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AI Art Generator photo

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There are a lot of AI threads. This thread is for photos taken with a physical camera.

…is not a photo.

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{Le sigh…}

While I’m at it, another terminology pet peeve to get off my chest: “vector image”


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Should call it AI Output. I refuse to call it Art.

Vector Image on the other hand doesn’t bother me. If the image on your monitor is made with vectors, it works. Vector Photo would be bad.


It’s kind of an art… knowing how to use the text prompts to get the image, lighting, colors, focus, etc, you want. Sure, you can just type something and hope for the best, but actually being able to manipulate the text well enough to get the image you want isn’t as easy as you may think.

It might be a skill. Just because it isn’t easy doesn’t make it an art.
Shakespeare is word art.
Prompts, not so much.

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I seem to recall a certain AI WEIWEI is an artist.

Therefore AI = Art.

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