All over the place...scared to post here tbh

Hello everyone,
I am in the process of revamping my skills and portfolio in the hopes of getting a decent job one day (what a joke, right). I have a BFA, studied a little bit of everything, and only took a few design classes, so I am mostly self taught.

I now work a day job slapping other people’s logos on stuff as a “graphic designer”. I also own my own small business designing and fabricating jewelry, t-shirts, and other accessories. This is a side hustle/passion project but I am interested in apparel and fashion. I use mostly Adobe Illustrator and am very comfortable with the program. I use Photoshop as well to make more fun editorial fashion stuff for my website, but I am no expert.

I have done a decent amount of freelance design and illustration over the years, but I feel that my portfolio is scattered and weak(maybe you can weigh in on that?). I am inspired by illustrators and artists I see on Instagram, who basically just make really cool shit and get jobs from social media… i know this is a dream scenario and for most people things just don’t work out like this.

All this is to say, hi, thanks for having me, I’d like to use this to get some advice and feedback, and if you want to look at my portfolio, please feel free. I know it’s not job ready in any way, mostly because it shows a mix of a ton of different work I have done over the years. After browsing through the Crit Pit, I can safely assume I’m going to get my ass handed to me.


Wellcom @jillofalltrades!

You are free to post your portfolio for critique or not. Or just hang out a bit until you get more comfortable.

Since you say your portfolio is scattered and weak, I’d suggest you have an objective in mind should you choose to post it fr critique. For example, you are trying to tailor a portfolio to land a job as a (fill in the blank) or you’re trying to build a portfolio to attract (fill in the blank).

Thanks, Steve_O. Makes sense. I wasn’t allowed to put a link in this post, but my portfolio link is in my bio.
I guess my dream job would be doing illustration and design work for a fashion brand, more editorial stuff? I know that seems pretty vague, but it’s essentially what I’m doing for my own brand now.

Moderator edit: I’ve bumped up your posting privileges, so you should be able to post links now.

Here’s a link to your Behance portfolio:

Welcome to the forum!!

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You might want to put this as a separate post in the critique section. One of the moderators can add a live link.