Allow me to introduce myself


I’m Steven and I’ve been a graphic designer/illustrator for 12 years.
In my prior life, I was a medical and PR photographer. When that dried up, I went to school and learned graphic design and animation. It seemed like a natural extension as a visual artist.

My current position is graphic artist and illustrator for a small company. I’m am the illustration department. We make repair manuals. My job is to take the client’s 3Ds and turn them into line art illustrations. It’s a challenge, but I really enjoy my work.

I’m joining this forum in order to find inspiration and education. It’s hard for me to stay up on the latest tech and procedures. I hope that this will provide an avenue for me to learn new concepts. When I run into problems and I need a place to bounce ideas around. Sometimes, I have issues with 3DS Max and getting the right details. I primarily use the aforementioned 3D Studio Max with the Illustrate! plug-in, Illustrator and Photoshop.

ATN (Steven)


Welcome to the forum. Are you French by chance?

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Good catch, but, no.
In college, my girlfriend (now my wife) nicknamed me Etienne.
So, for forums, I use Atn.
I reside and work on the north east coast of the US.


From another Nor’easter

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And another Nor’easter chiming in :smiley:

Welcome Aboard Atn!!!

Hii @Atn, Nice love story :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Atn! Northeaster here too :slightly_smiling_face:.
Your job is so interesting! It’s something I considered pursuing after college but at the time I had no concept of how to find it. Looking forward to learning more.

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