Also looking for some honest critique on my new website

I’ve just started my online business
Could I have some feedback on my website

@Drezzart, first, the www version of your site points to a 404 page, but if I leave off the www, the site loads without issue.

I like the minimalist design, though I would probably lead with the samples section that is found near the bottom of the home page. The lazy load function (ie “show more”) should be excluded until there is more work to be shown… as a user, clicking a button to see two more items seems like wasted energy. I would at least show as many items as are initially displayed when clicking a button.

Your content mostly follows the mid-line (is centered), but the headers for each section are left justified which is jarring.

Other than that, I think it is good, simple to use, gets the point across, no information overload.

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Thanks ! I think the www works now
Also I appreciate the feedback , I can totally see your point and will work on this.
Thanks again

I like the simplicity, but the way everything is centered looks amateurish to me. And I don’t see any examples of real-world graphic design, meaning images and words combined in a way that tells a marketing message.

Also… it’s a good start, but the content is you-centered, rather than customer-centered.

For example, the visitor who lands on your site wants to know immediately what’s in it for them. You have mere seconds to capture their attention, otherwise, they leave. So I’d put something in the upper left, prominently, that says what’s in it for them.

A great book on customer-friendly and usability is “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug.

Definitely a good start, and kudos to you for reaching out for feedback.


I’ll give both thumbs up for this book too. I bought it when it was first released 18 years ago, and I still regard it as the best common sense book on web usability that I’ve ever encountered. I haven’t read the latest editions that tackle more recent subjects, like mobile friendliness, but I’m all but certain it’s still the best book of its kind. Anyone involved in designing website (or any other) interfaces should read it.

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@ Drezzart, just wondering which free template are you using? Bootstrap?

The godaddy template is called clarity

What I like:
-Clean minimalist layout
-Tiles of photos that show your work

What I would change:
Too confusing. When I first come to your page, my eye is pulled between the bar at the top offering 20% off, your logo and the photo of the man in front of the window. It’s really hard to know where to look first. Worse still, by being pulled by all those directions that tag line which says that you are Graphic Illustrator is missed. At first I thought you were a student looking for a job and so couldn’t understand what the 20% off was about. I assumed that maybe you were using free hosting website service and couldn’t afford your own hosting, which created a poor image. As a I read on, I realized that you must be a graphic designer, but couldn’t see any of the things graphic designers do such as flyers and leaflets and so again thought you were an ammature.

It’s only much later did I see the graphic illustrator line and then it all made sense.

First off, I’d get a better logo that clearly communicates that you are an illustrator. At first glance, the paint splat logo could mean anything. I’d then put that right at the top so visitors exactly know what you are offering.

I’d then have that portfolio tile next. The photo of the man in the window is too confusing. What’s it supposed to be? A student showing of their work? A person’s holiday pics? Either way, it’s not helping people to understand the site.

I’d also explain your work better. Each item should have a caption that explains what it is and more importantly how it helped the business you did it for. Because at the end of the day, when people hire you, they are doing so because they want your work to bring them some business benefit.

I’d also pay attention to pronouns. Most of your text uses I and me, but then for the 20% offer you switch to our, which is just confusing. I also wouldn’t put that offer right at the top.

Also, the my journey stuff: Put that on a different page. It doesn’t need to be on the front. And to be honest it’s very generic it doesn’t really sell anything to the viewer.

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Thanks :pray:
I really appreciate the feedback , this is the first website I’ve made so it’s important to know where I’m going wrong here.
Yeah I’m a small illustration business.
I’ll get on it right away
Appreciate it

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