Another one bites the dust 😷👋 ❤︎

Hello everyone!
I’m new here, which is weird to say coz I don’t feel so new :slight_smile:
I’ve been a graphic designer on and off for many years.
From logo designs to websites and merch…
Above all I love seeing a sketch on paper, turning into a full on project in illustrator and finally coming out of the printer!

In time of “isolation” this such places is great.
So I’m glad to join in for support and banter.

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Welcome Aboard! :slight_smile:

I keep telling everyone isolation isn’t painful for me … I’ve been practicing for this my whole life :wink:

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i went out to my bank this morning, first time since December 9th i was told,
the last time i ate out or had a beer at a bar was July 11th
i have not been in a car since 2018 April for 4 blocks.
having cats helps keep me entertained.
and constant cartooning

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@EB_comix this is some impressing stats! :+1: tell me more!
also well done for not using a car for that long… :seedling: :butterfly:

my characters don’t do those things, and i just got tired of the same old bar scene.
i never owned a car, i did had a motorcycle i rode a lot but left that at a friends house 7 states away from my house in 2016.

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i like your style :sunglasses:

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