Anyone interested in making graphic t-shirt?

Hi everyone. I am so thrill to be here
My name is Gina , a graphic designer from South Korea.
I want to print my work on t-shirt and sell it online.
Has anyone here done that before ? what is the market like?

Welcome, Gina.

In my opinion, it seems like this is a pretty saturated market (as most markets seem to be these days). There are people out there dreaming of being the next Under Armour to people making shirts with their own graphics just hoping to sell a few (and not necessarily be a huge brand).

This isn’t to say that you can’t do it; maybe the market in South Korea is different from the U.S. Do your research, see what’s out there, figure out if your designs have a specific audience that isn’t being served or if your work stands out from others. The nice thing is that it doesn’t cost too much to take a stab at this. Good luck.

Thank you Steve for sharing your thoughts on this.
I guess every market have different type of audience so i will have to look into a design with meaningful
messages that can attract commonly, possibly research about global trends. Do you recommend any good website i can have information about global trend on Graphic design specifically?