Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Packaging

This is a very nice job, and it looks fairly accurate to the industry (one in which I have experience in).
It can come off as a bit generic for a pharmaceutical brand, but before I say any more do you know about your audience/demographic? Are there any pain points with competitors that this product fulfills niche for?

It’s one thing to say, I make something that looks pretty but if you could provide more context that would help. The front may be the most eye catching, but the body of the typography and how you dealt sizing restrains/legalities of a dietary supplement would be more evident on the reserve side. If you’ve designed that far please post that as well.

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Looking good

Would like to see the ingredient list too. :slight_smile:

I agree with the others, this is nice work.

What app did you use for the 3-D modeling?

The apples seems to be lost in the red background. Furthermore, it looks more like a cherry at first glance.

What can be seen in the image looks like competent execution, but there really isn’t enough information to evaluate it beyond the mechanical aspects.

  • Is this a new design from the ground up, or was the brand treatment already established?
  • Are there other products in the line?
  • Is this a “boutique” brand, available in specialty stores, or will it be on shelves in “big box” stores?
  • There is green elsewhere on the label; was it tried with the vines and leaves in green?
  • The real meat of the typography is on unseen parts of the label. Can we see those too?
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Only mild criticism… And not really an issue.

But why red?

I think apples I think red.

Is this why others stay away from green red colors?

Maybe just wondering about this

I meant to say I think apples and I think ‘green’ - not red - too early need more coffee

Apples used for (homemade) apple cider are red, at least in the US. Mostly. Golden delicious are used sometimes. Green Granny Smith are too tart. I suppose you can use them, if you want to suck your teeth out through your cheeks. Or mix em with a much sweeter variety. In the UK/Ireland your mileage may vary

I think it can be made from any type of apple. That’s why I’m asking the focus is in red apples for the label.

Just a general query for any reasoning

When I think apples, I think red so :man_shrugging:t4:

Maybe it’s a US thing, but a quick google image search for “apple” came back with mostly images of red apples (and lots of apple computer logos, of course).

I’d theorize this is a product of education. “A is for Apple” is one of the very first things every American child is taught in school, a red apple being the classic icon accompanying the letter A, damn-near everywhere elementary education happens.

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When I think apples, I also think red. However, when I think apple cider vinegar, an amber color comes to mind.

Apple cider gummies, though, sound disgustingly awful.

Definitely. Also, this:

Yep :nauseated_face:

When I think apples, I think the original poster’s intent was to drive traffic to his YT channel listed in his profile.

Strange when I search for apples I got get a mixture but mostly green. How odd the internet is!


I was thinking apple cider gummies might be pretty tasty. :slight_smile:
Dunno about vegan ones though… Vegans sometimes use chemicals to avoid animal products.

Thank you all for you +ive Feedback , but i love red and the blue birds company also love the red label.