Are you Frond of it?


**Disclaimer: logo and tagline has been changed under strict NDA guidelines for this client. Match the font, spacing, etc to the original for critique. Please be honest and provided reasons for why/how it works and doesn’t work. Thank you!

A beauty brand for a masstige client. The customer is a thrifty 26-45 with focus on older millennials that differentiates by what is new & different and natural/organic.

The logo is primarily design as a logotype with no symbol or icons. Clean, modern with pairings of both serif and san-serif typefaces.

Frond is
● Approachable
● Cheerful
● Beautiful
● Quality
● Feminine
● Natural
● Eco friendly
● Trendy
● Fun
● Transparent
● Open minded

Brand Purpose
With a mission to inspire people to make a commitment to healthy living, frond makes it easy to make a more thoughtful, better choice. Inspired by ancient beauty rituals, frond makes a cleaner lifestyle attainable for all.

Brand Positioning
For older millennials, frond is the best value for modern, high performance, naturally-inspired products in health and beauty. Formulated with natural ingredients sourced from around the world, frond makes it easy to make a more thoughtful, caring choice.

I think it looks nice and does what you have in mind.

But the success of a logo composed of little more than a large word will depend in large part on how well the individual letters in that word work together. Frond looks nice, but the actual name you’re working with might give it a very different personality or result in kerning issues of various sorts.

I’m all for simplicity, but if it were me, I’d try to find some elements within the glyphs that can be modified in some way to give the logo a customization that makes it unique instead of it being just a typed out word in Arno Pro.

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I agree with Mr-B. There’s nothing in the design that says it’s you, designer1, nothing that puts your stamp on it. If you could work on that, retaining your original idea of keeping it simple, you might be able to come up with something remarkable.


Try to modify the typeface to make it a bit more unique in some way.

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eh… kinda looks like the ipsy logo

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